From spot murals with limited or no backgrounds that highlight specific topics, to large scale dioramas, my murals add depth and impact to any space. Each project is a custom work of art created to suit your specific budget and educational needs. Whether serving as a background to an existing exhibit or creating a realistic habitat that can be used as a stand alone educational tool, my focus is always on creating an accurate window to allow the visitor to see the subject in its best light.
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GRAPHIC DESIGN: Prior to launching my own business, I worked solely for large scale museums creating awardwinning designs and publications. From flyers, brochures and newsletters to corporate logos and annual reports, I offer a full communication package to creatively promote any project. By meshing graphic design with exhibits, I can establish a cohesive "look" that gives your project an overall professionalism and clarity of purpose that everyone will notice.
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EXHIBIT DESIGN: No one likes to discover an exhibit that doesn't work. It's better to avoid the "fluff" and strive to mesh creative custom concepts with well established museum design principles to create solid functional exhibitry. By handling most jobs in house, I take advantage of lower overhead and specialized skills perfect for smaller budgets. When the need arises for high tech exhibitry and multi-skilled design/build projects, I have a wide range of talented subcontractors at my disposal to get the job done.
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ILLUSTRATION: A good illustration can create focus, specific moods or just add life to informational text. From scientific illustration and field sketching to cartooning and interpretive drawing, I can match versatility with creativity to enhance any project. Every job is different and requires a creative or sometimes abstract approach. I work in a variety of hand and computer generated media to ensure that your project is exciting and fresh.
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SIGNAGE: From directional to informative signage, I can create a custom look that educates, inspires and communicates your ideas. Working specifically in the museum field, has helped me understand the importance of target audience, multi-level text writing, focused design and ADA considerations. Whether utilizing illustration, photography, sculptural elements or type itself, the signage you choose has to effectively communicate your ideas.
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